Substitute Teacher Information

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER Planning – Remote or Hybrid


PCSD Substitute Teacher/Teaching Assistant Orientation 2020 – PPT, Narrated

The Right to Know – PPT, Narrated

How to watch Powerpoints Above –

  1. Open the file above, you will be directed to a CVES Onedrive link of The Right to Know or Plattsburgh’s Orientation 2020.
  2. Click “Present” in the upper right corner
  3. Once the powerpoint starts, you can click the dots in the lower right or left corner to play the audio on each power point slide.
  4. In the lower left, your page controls are there, allowing you to flip back and forth between slides.

Certificate of Completion


IRS Form W-4

NY State IT-2104

ID Badge Request

Authorization for Payroll Direct Deposit

Substitute Teacher Information

AESOP – Substitute Teacher Placement

Handbook for Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teacher Application

Substitute Support Staff Timesheet

Finger Printing Procedures

Child Abuse

Child Abuse Reporting Procedure

Reported Child Abuse and Neglect

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