College Application Process at PHS

College Application Process at PHS

Student Responsibilities:

  • In your Senior Meeting at the beginning of the year, you will fill out your Activity Sheet – be sure to complete this and hand it in.
  • Meet with your counselor to discuss college/career plans and to begin the college application process.
  • Hand Out Teacher Recommendation Forms
    • Teacher Recommendation Forms can be obtained in the guidance office from Mrs. Schudde or from your counselor. You can also ask teachers to download the form. You will need to choose three teachers to complete this reference form.
  • Fully complete Applications for each school in which you are planning to apply
    • Be sure that you obtain the applications from each college. Also remember that some schools offer online applications which is a more efficient way of submitting applications. If you plan to apply online, please make your counselor aware of this. Be aware that some SUNY schools participate in something called a common application, which allows you to apply to many different SUNY schools by filing out one application. This is an easier way to approach the application process.
    • Also be sure to write any essays that are required by the school you are applying to. Some schools do not require an essay, while others ask you to write an essay on a specific topic. Be sure to have any required essays proofread (by yourself, an English teacher, or even your counselor) prior to submitting it as part of your application. Visit the essay writing resources page.
    • You may also want to include a resume with your application. The resume is another document that speaks to your abilities and accomplishments as a high school student. Download the resume writing tutorial for more information.
    • You can also refer to English teachers and counselors if you need pointers or someone to proofread your work.

Once you have done your part… the Counseling (Guidance) Department will….

  • Update the transcript
  • Attach Teacher Recommendations
  • Check the Application
  • Complete the School Counselor Section
  • Verify Date of Submission
School closed Friday, 2/3/23

School closed Friday, 2/3/23

The weather forecast for Friday and Saturday features atypical, concerning cold weather.  As you know, our district features a mix of modes of student commute to school, and a robust slate of co-curricular activities which are scheduled throughout the coming days.

Given the dangerous temperatures which are predicted, school on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 is cancelled, and an emergency closure day will be used.

Typically, when such emergency closures are made, co-curricular activities are similarly-cancelled.  For the most part, this will still be the case, but certain pre-arranged co-curricular activities will be allowed to proceed, so long as additional layers of safety/student protection are applied.  These considerations have been addressed with the Advisors.  So, unless students and parents receive a different communication from the Coach/Advisor, co-curricular activities are also cancelled tomorrow evening (February 3rd), and on Saturday, February 4th.