Athletics Policies

Athletic Placement Process

For the past three years, NYSED has been reviewing their Selection Classification process; at the end of December 2014 changes were approved by NYSED. Members of the NYSPHSAA staff recently met with the leadership of NYSED to express concerns with several areas of the Athletic Placement Process. NYSPHSAA’s concerns dealt with the lack of waivers in the APP, missing guidelines for mixed competition and tanner score requirements for boys and girls. NYSED provided the following responses to our concerns.

Concussion Management Policy

The Board of Education recognizes that concussions and head injuries are the most commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents who participate in sports and recreational activities. The physical and mental well-being of our students is a primary concerns. Therefore, the Plattsburgh City School District adopts the following Policy to support the proper evaluation and management of concussion injuries.