Faculty & Staff Directory @ Momot

Faculty and Staff Directory @ Momot

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Administration & StaffPrincipal

Email Mrs. Wilson

Marie Denis
Dean of Students

Email Tracie McCarthy

Tracie McCarthy

Email Lynn Wang

Lynn Wang
Principal's Secretary

Email Mrs. Jubert

Mary Jo Jubert


Email Mrs. Coda

Amanda Cota


Email Miranda Hack

Miranda Hack

Email Ms. McGowan

Courtney McGowan

Email Ms. LeCuyer

Jennifer LeCuyer

Email Jessica Kalvaitis

Jessica Kalvaitis

First GradeFirst Grade

Email Ms. Darst

Lori Darst
First Grade

Email Mrs. Walker

Jenny Walker
First Grade

Email Mrs. Walsh

Krystyn Walsh
1st GradeElizabeth Herkalo

Second GradeSecond Grade

Email Ms. Caraballo

Melissa Caraballo
Second Grade

Email Ms. Nevader

Nichole Nevader
Second Grade

Email Jori Lagree

Jori Lagree
Second Grade

Email Ms. Wild

Jen Wild

Third GradeThird Grade

Email Ms. Bistor-Cross

Melissa Bistor-Cross
Third Grade

Email Ms. Donoghue

Karen Donoghue
Third Grade

Email Ms. O’Neil

Beth O’Neil

Fourth GradeFourth Grade

Email Ms. Dubray

Alicia Dubray
Fourth Grade

Email Gisselle Edwards

Gisselle Edwards
Fourth Grade

Email Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany Taylor

Fifth GradeFifth Grade

Email Ms. Adams

Nichole Adams
Fifth Grade

Email Ms. Frakes

Lindsey Frakes
Fifth Grade

Email Jennifer Dwyer

Jennifer Dwyer

Special EducationGrade(s): 2/3

Email Megan Duquette

Megan Duquette
Grade(s): 4/5

Email Tedi Bourg

Tedi Bourg
Grade(s): K/1

Email Mrs. Dunn-Williams

Jessica Dunn-Williams
Grade(s): 4/5

Email Frechette

Angel Frechette
Grade(s): 3/4/5

Email Aubrin Allen

Aubrin Allen
Grade(s): K/1/2

Email Ms. Garrand

Elizabeth Garrand
Grade(s): K/1

Email Jenna Hampton

Jenna Hampton
Grade(s): 2/3

Email Ms. Kelly

Lisa Kelley


Email Mrs. Devins

Catherine Devins

Email Mr. Devins

Dan Devins

Email Ms. Jolicoeur

Jennifer Jolicoeur

Email Ms. Herkalo

Kari Herkalo

Email Ms. Buck

Laura Buck

Email Ms. Walker

Kristen Walker

Physical EducationPhysical Education

Email MaryKate Krol

MaryKate Krol
Physical Education

Email Mr. Terry

Jesse Terry


Email Lauren Beauchamp

Lauren Beauchamp


Email Ms.  Manning

Alyssa Manning


Email Ms.  Manning

Michele Gottschall

School CounselorGrades 3 & 5

Email Ms.  Cooper

Kelly Cooper

School PsychologistGrade(s): 3/IEP in 4 & 5

Email Ms.  Therrien

Savannah Therrien
PsychologistSarah Titherington
Grade(s): Pre-K/2 - 8:1 Room K-2 assistant

Email Sarah Randall

Sarah Randall

School NurseSchool Nurse

Email Ms.  Scott

Kari Scott

Occupational TherapistOccupational Therapist

Email Ms.  Cole

Catherine Cole
Occupational Therapist

Email Ms.  Smith

Natalie Smith

Physical TherapistPhysical Therapist

Email Ms.  Newcombe

Marcia Newcombe

Speech Language PathologistSpeech Language Pathologist

Email Ms.  Reil

Tammi Reil
Speech Language Pathologist

Email Ms.  Foster

Kate Foster-Gagnier
Speech Language Pathologist

Email Heather Nephew

Heather Nephew

Teaching AssistantTeaching Assistant

Email Ms. Raville

Karin Raville
Teaching Assistant

Email Ms. Seem

Danielle Seem
Teaching Assistant

Email Amy Hewson

Amy Hewson
Teaching Assistant

Email Ms. Edwards

Stacey Edwards
Teaching Assistant

Email John Fountain

John Fountain
Teaching Assistant

Email Mr. Morris

Mike Morris
Teaching Assistant

Email Ms. Macey

Pam Macey
Teaching Assistant

Email Ms. Rafferty

Jessica Rafferty
Teaching Assistant

Email Ellen Giroux

Ellen Giroux
Teaching AssistantAnnette Wells
Teaching AssistantMark Aloi
Teaching Assistant

Email Ms. Rogers

Nanette Rogers
Teaching Assistant

Email Bridget Stone

Bridget Stone

Library AideLibrary Aide

Email Ms. Rugar

Michelle Rugar

Student AideStudent Aide

Email Ms. Garrand

Lisa Garrand
Student Aide

Email Clarence Rampersad

Clarence Rampersad
Student Aide

Email Tiffany Gould

Tiffany Gould


Email Mr. Agnew

James Agnew


Email Mr. Rock

Jim Rock

Email Lori Clukey

Lori Clukey

Email Ms. Cookingham

Julie Cookingham


Email Ms. Baker

Priscilla Baker

Email Ms. Cecil

Tammy Cecil


Email Ms. Alexander

Jessica Alexander
School MonitorSchool Monitor

Email Ms. Arnold

Cindy Arnold
School Monitor

Email Cindy Bentley

Cindy Bentley
School Monitor

Email Ms. Crahan

Michelle Crahan
School Monitor

Email Nicole Gilbert

Nicole Gilbert
School Monitor

Email Ruth Graton

Ruth Graton
School Monitor

Email Ms. Hayhurst

Nancy Hayhurst
School Monitor

Email Ms. Simpson

Tina Simpson
School Monitor

Email Felicia Terry

Felicia Terry