Annual Public School Facility Fire and Building Safety Inspections

Notice is hereby given that the Plattsburgh City School Districts Annual Public School Facility Fire and Building Safety Inspections for 2021/2022 School Year for the following buildings have been completed and the reports are available for review and/or inspection by all interested persons at the District Office at 49 Broad St. Plattsburgh, NY and/or Buildings and Grounds Office:

  • Duken Administration Building
  • Bus Garage
  • Bailey Avenue Elementary (Glasgow Elementary)
  • Oak Street Elementary
  • A.P. Momot Elementary
  • Stafford Middle School
  • Plattsburgh High School
  • PHS Press Box and the PHS Concession Stand
School closed Friday, 2/3/23

School closed Friday, 2/3/23

The weather forecast for Friday and Saturday features atypical, concerning cold weather.  As you know, our district features a mix of modes of student commute to school, and a robust slate of co-curricular activities which are scheduled throughout the coming days.

Given the dangerous temperatures which are predicted, school on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 is cancelled, and an emergency closure day will be used.

Typically, when such emergency closures are made, co-curricular activities are similarly-cancelled.  For the most part, this will still be the case, but certain pre-arranged co-curricular activities will be allowed to proceed, so long as additional layers of safety/student protection are applied.  These considerations have been addressed with the Advisors.  So, unless students and parents receive a different communication from the Coach/Advisor, co-curricular activities are also cancelled tomorrow evening (February 3rd), and on Saturday, February 4th.