Academic Intervention Service (AIS)


AIS is a mandated program designed to help students meet state standards. Any student who is at risk of not meeting standards is enrolled in an AIS course to receive additional instruction and assistance related to the specific subject area. Additionally any student who has not met state standards either by receiving a level 1 or 2 on the New York State 8th grade assessments or by failing a High School Regents Exam will receive AIS Instruction. Students will be required to receive AIS services in each subject area that they did not achieve state standards or Regents requirements.

According to the Commissioner’s Regulations, school districts must provide AIS to identified students no later than the beginning of the semester following a decision that a student needs AIS.

At P.H.S. we have an AIS Committee with members from all departments that meets on a monthly basis. During those meetings students’ academic histories are reviewed and appropriate AIS services are assigned when necessary. Classroom teachers can make referrals to the AIS committee when they think a student is at risk of meeting state standards.

AIS Teacher Responsibilities:

The AIS teacher communicates with the classroom teacher and then provides the students with additional practice and assistance with the material currently being taught. Assistance is also provided in the learning standard areas which students have been identified as deficient in. Homework assistance may also be provided, though this is not the focus of the class. Students may also hone organizational skills, practice academic content, and prepare for classroom exams and/or prepare for Regents exams at the appropriate time.


Schools are required to send a letter home to parents and guardians to notify them that their child has been enrolled in AIS services. The letter will include all services being received along with the names of instructors.
Quarterly progress notes are also sent home attached to school report cards.
Parents and guardians should feel free to contact their child’s AIS instructor with any questions or concerns.

Exiting AIS:

Student will exit from the program when: teachers and the AIS Committee agree assistance is no longer needed, student passes the course and is no longer considered at risk, and/or student passes the necessary Regents Exam.

AIS Classes offered at PHS:

  • AIS Literacy (for students who have been identified as needing assistance with reading and comprehension)
  • AIS English (9-12)
  • AIS Social Studies (Global History 9/10 and U.S. History)
  • AIS Science (Earth Science and Living Environment)
  • AIS Math

Why wasn’t AIS on the schedule sent home during the summer?

The AIS committee mentioned above meets in late August to schedule AIS services for the first semester of the school year. It is necessary to meet this late in the summer so that we can take summer school and August Regents results into account when making decisions regarding AIS.
AIS: A Guide to Academic Intervention Services For parents and teachers to help children reach their potential
NYS PTA & NYSUT – March 17, 2008

AIS Course Descriptions

251 AIS Math      

Target Audience: Students that scored less than 65 on the Algebra Regents
Out of state transfer students having to pass the Algebra Regents to graduate

Prerequisite: A score of less than 65 on the Algebra Regents
Out of State Transfer Student needing to pass Algebra Regents

This class provides additional assistance to students in a pull out format. Class size is usually limited to ten students. The focus of the class is to prepare students to retake the Algebra Regents examination and be successful on it.

Culminating Activity: Students will exit the program upon successful completion of the Integrated Algebra Regents or upon teacher recommendation.

252 AIS Math      

Target Audience: Level 1 or 2 score on the grade 8 assessment
Being at-risk of not passing course/Regents

Prerequisite: Score of Level 1 or 2 on grade 8 assessment
Teacher Recommendation

This class provides additional assistance to students in a pull out format. Class size is usually limited to ten students. Help may take the form of assistance with classroom material and/or homework, extra guided and independent practice, assistance in targeted deficient areas, and/or preparation for a Regents examination. This class also provides an opportunity for students to develop the character skills needed to succeed in class: responsibility, initiative, optimism, perseverance, and ambition.

Culminating Activity: Students will exit the program upon successful completion of the Integrated Algebra Regents or upon teacher recommendation.

263 AIS Literacy      

Target Audience:
Students who have been identified as having deficiencies in reading comprehension and vocabulary. The Nelson Denny Reading test and or the Jerry John’s Basic Reading Inventory are used to assess students’ reading abilities.

AIS Literacy provides direct reading instruction focusing on skills and strategies to improve reading comprehension and understand vocabulary. Reading skills such as: recalling facts, determining main idea/supporting details, making inferences and evaluations, understanding words in context , determining author’s approach, summarizing and paraphrasing, and critical thinking are addressed. Students will also learn literary elements and devices and practice locating them in literature. Both fiction and non-fiction texts will be used in this class. Some homework assistance will be provided but it is not the major focus of AIS Literacy.

Culminating Performance:
Student will exit from the class when teachers and the AIS committee agree assistance is no longer needed, and or the student makes significant progress on the Nelson Denny Post Test and is passing required classes.

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