Social Studies Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use
Grades K - 5

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Sites marked with ** are from the UK  - vocabulary and accented speech may be an issue

Branches Of Government

Explains responsibilities of the 3 branches of government.  Sorting game follows lesson.

US History Resources

Links to resources including early America, American West, Colonial Days, Civil War, American Revolution, Presidents and many more topics related to American History.

World History Resources

Links to resources including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Asian Empires, Explorers, Women in History and many more topics related to World History.

Black History Month: Find the Face

a game where you match African American heroes with the events that made them famous

African American Scientists

Black History Month - FInd the inventions/scientific discoveries of famous African American Scientists

Famous People – 2 Page Plays

Black History Month:  2 page plays including Idioms, Famous People, Fales and Tales, peace plays

Black History Month Quiz

Black History Month 20 Question Quiz

Famous African Americans

Short slide show introducing several famous Black Americans

African American Inventors

Short slide show introducing several famous Black Americans with wonderful illustrations


Click on workers to hear about their jobs – Primary Level

What’s Changed?**

Children identify items that would not have existed 100 years ago in a countryside scene – Primary Level

A Village in India

Compare/Contrast life in an Indian village compared to a village in the US - Primary/Intermediate Level

Abe Lincoln

Online quiz - Primary/Intermediate Level

Abe Lincoln

Picture gallery slide show - Primary/Intermediate Level

Boston Tea Party

Music Cartoon Video that explains the Boston Tea Party – Primary Level

Captain Scott

Learn about Captain Scott’s trip to the South Pole - Primary/Intermediate Level

Children of WW2

Learn what life was like for children in the Second World War - Primary/Intermediate Level

Christopher Columbus

Animation and quiz about Christopher Columbus- Primary/Intermediate Level

Colonial Williamsburg

Interactive fieldtrip with slideshows, videos, lots more – Intermediate Level

Community Helper

Field trip to the bakery/video – Primary Level

Edward Jenner

Animation and quiz about Edward Jenner- Primary/Intermediate Level

Egg to Butterfly

TeacherTube Video on life cycle of butterfly – Primary Level

Elizabeth Fry

Animation and quiz about Elizabeth Fry- Primary/Intermediate Level

Famous Journeys

Animation and quiz about Famous Journeys- Primary/Intermediate Level

Famous Moments

Each film in the 'Famous Moments' series highlights a true story of historical significance, providing 'students' of early America with a better understanding of the people, places and events of this important era. – Intermediate Level

Fishing For Words

Interactive crossword using vocabulary from maps and globes – Intermediate Level

Great Wall of China

virtual tour - Primary/Intermediate Level

Harriet Tubman

timeline/slideshow – Primary/Intermediate Level

Harriet Tubman

online quiz - Primary/Intermediate Level

Henry VIII

Animation and quiz about Henry VIII- Primary/Intermediate Level


Animation and quiz about Pocahontas- Primary/Intermediate Level

Presidential Exploration

Virtual world of US presidents – Intermediate Level

The First Thanksgiving

Learn how the Pilgrims reached America and lived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving - Primary/Intermediate Level

Tour of Mount Vernon

Virtual mansion tour –Intermediate Level

Florence Nightingale

Animation and quiz about Florence Nightingale- Primary/Intermediate Level

Ruby Bridges

TeacherTube Video on Ruby Bridges – Primary Level

The Egyptians


William Shakespeare*

Find out about the life and times of William Shakespeare in this short animation featuring Shakespeare and Ann Hathaway-  Primary/Intermediate Level

One Small World

Music Video about people around the world

The Power of Children

Wonderful units of study on Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges and Ryan White from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Birthdays Around the World

Learn how people from different countries celebrate birthdays

Interactive US History Map

Interactive US history map (gr. 5-9)

Middle Ages

Discover what it was like to live during the Middle Ages (upper grades)

Oregon Trail

A thinkquest activity about the Oregon Trail


Maker! was designed by cartographers with an eye for detail. Style your map with shaded thematics, proportional symbols, and more. Maker! makes the tough statistical and cartographic decisions for you. Anyone can build complex, data-rich maps.