Social Skills Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use
Grades K - 5

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Interactive about bullying - Primary/Intermediate Level


Interactive about public speaking, shyness/assertiveness, conflicts – Intermediate Level


Interactive about what to do when you are feeling down - Primary/Intermediate Level


Interactive about positive and negative emotions – Intermediate Level


Interactive about different types of families, responsibilities, family changes – Intermediate Level

Personal ID

Interactive about self esteem and body image – Intermediate Level


Interactive about positive and negative relationships – Intermediate Level


Interactive about stress and dealing with it – Intermediate Level

Facial Expressions

Match a facial expression with an emotion – Primary Level


Interactive about school issues – Intermediate Level

Parents & Teens*

This cartoon takes a look at the way parents and teenagers communicate with each other.

Beat the Bullies

Game format – quiz about bullying

Bully Roundup

Game format – Test your bully smarts

Out on a Limb

Interactive guide to getting along with others

Puppet Personality

Build a puppet that shows its feelings through body language

Grind Your Mind

Game format – Peer Pressure Quiz

Social Skills

Mixup at the movies - Conflict

Social Skills

Parental Arguments

Eye Spy

Game for recognizing facial expressions

Grow Your Chi

Self-esteem game

Ripple Effects

Dealing with bullies