Phonemic Awareness Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use – Grades K - 5

Please note that in visiting these links, you are leaving the Plattsburgh City School District website. These sites are on external servers, and are not under the control of the Plattsburgh City School District. The Plattsburgh City School District can assume no responsibility for the accuracy or content of these external sites.

Sites marked with ** are from the UK  - vocabulary and accented speech may be an issue

River Rhyming**

Game for identifying rhyming words - Primary Level

Chicken Coop

Beginning sounds – Primary Level

Hay Loft

Game for onset and rime – Primary Level

Letter Lifter**

Identifying initial sounds - Primary Level

Phoneme Pop**

Pop the bubble with the target sound - Primary Level

Phonic Fighter**

Match beginning sounds to pictures - Primary Level

Reggie the Rhyming Rhino

Find the pictures that rhyme – Primary Level

Rhyming Rocket**

Game for identifying rhyming words - Primary Level


The Cream Cake Mystery Rhyming Game – Primary Level

Segmenting Syllables

Cute video for chunking words – Primary Level

Sound Bingo**

A Bingo game to play with the whole class  – Primary Level

Sound Blending

Blend sounds and find the matching picture – Primary Level

Lanolin’s Greenhouse

Deleting and Substituting Sounds – Primary Level

Words that Rhyme

Activities for rhyming – Primary Level