Geography Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use
Grades K - 5

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Sites marked with ** are from the UK  - vocabulary and accented speech may be an issue

Capital Penguin

Game that provides practice in learning states and their capital cities. – Intermediate Level

Coast to Coast

Test your geography knowledge – Intermediate Level

Compass Rose

Using cardinal directions – Primary Level


Contains interactive maps on many countries, info about climates, printable maps, world music, and geography games – Primary/Intermediate Level

Interactive Maps

Map activities for community, oceans, continents, compass rose, and more – Gr. 1 – Primary Level

Interactive Maps

using map grid, landforms, immigration, more – Gr.2 – Primary Level

Where’s Buster?

Practice with US map skills – Intermediate Level

Barnaby Bear Goes Down Under**

Animated story about Australia and its famous landmarks – Primary Level

Puzzled States

Drag and Drop puzzle of the US - Primary/Intermediate Level


Interactive activity to learn the states – Primary/Intermediate Level

Barnaby Bear’s Day Trip to Paris**

Animated story about Paris and its famous landmarks – Primary Level

Extraordinary Earth

Aliens investigate objects from around the world and discover fascination facts-  Primary/Intermediate Level


Student produced electronic book about about Ireland


Student produced electronic book about about Mexico


Interactive map of US – learn states, capitals, nicknames – Primary/Intermediate Level

Growth of  a Nation

Fully interactive presentation that takes you through the growth of the United States from 1780 all the way through to the current day.