Turkey Trot

Every year as part of the Presidential Fitness Testing, Anne Marie Curle’s Physical Education classes participate Turkey Trotin the “Turkey Trot” which benefits the Interfaith food shelf.

The students train during September and October and complete a one-mile run or walk in November, as required for the testing program. Students also bring in a canned food item (healthy items only!) to recognize the spirit of giving.

As an added incentive, in the past Mrs. Zales has matched each student’s donation, which can reach as many as 200 items!

Gym Tips

Students at Oak Street rush each day to see the latest “GT” or gym tip posted on the Physical Education bulletin board. A GT is a daily health or fitness tip that students are encouraged to complete and share with their family. Students may also suggest their own helpful fitness ideas such as raking leaves, giving up soda for the weekend, doing 20 jumping jacks every commercial break while watching TV or doing 20 push-ups while waiting for a ride home from school.

Intramural sports at Oak St.Physical Education teacher Annemarie Curle and Vall Butler, school nurse, received a mini-grant from the District to begin The Mileage Club at Oak Street. Students can walk laps around the soccer field or inside the gym, depending on the weather, to earn tokens which can be made into a bracelet or worn on shoelaces. Students are also offered intramural sports such as soccer, basketball and floor hockey.